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Matty Matt Fay

Post  Matty Matt on Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:46 pm

Name: Matty Matt Fay
Gender: Guy
Age: 17
Looks: Brown Messy Hair. Hazel Eyes. Black Shirt. Tan Cargo Pants. Black Vans.
"Gift": Flight and Magic. He flies using his pink (Dx) wings. Hes wings appear and disappear at will. He has to cast his hand over something to do a spell.
Species: Fairy
Breif History: After being born in his mother (who was human his father was a fairy) took him to Summerville because his father was killed because he was married to a human. He shortly moved to Summerville, Dakota. A small town with big happenings.
Relationship Status: Single; his last ex left him for a football player.
Extra: Has off-on relationships with girls, Hates Iron and charms of rowan and herbs.

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