IIIIITS Vincent!

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IIIIITS Vincent!

Post  Vincent Rockwiler on Mon Aug 18, 2008 6:10 am

Forum Name:Vincent rockwiler
Character Name:Vincent Rockwiler
'Gift':Invisibility, freeze time
Species: dark angel
Looks:Red eyes, small, black wings(Can fly) Long, spikey hair... Wears red and black.
Status: Hes a DARK angel, what did you expect, yup, taken Wink
Extra Info: quite evil most of the time, the species of dark angel he came from should have 4 wings, unfortunately, when Vincent was born, 2 of his wings were infected and were taken off, his rival in his childhood was a evil dark angel called Elliot, at sea side academy one was broken, so at this time, doctors have replaced it with a metal one. After his misfortune he learn't how to fly again, now hes all good, you could just say... HE is one lucky fallen angel.

Vincent Rockwiler

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