Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines

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Roleplaying Rules and Guidelines

Post  Zoey Smith on Sun Aug 10, 2008 12:26 pm

> Stick to the plot. make sure you know what's happening, and don't change it unless a mod or me says you may do so.

> NO POWERPLAYING/GODMODDING. If you get in a fight, you can't dodge and avoid everything, and you can't decide whether or not your attack hits them, or what it does to them. You're not invincible.

> If an RP is full, don't beg to join. if the first post says it's full, don't post asking to join. Or saying how much you would like to join. That would be considered spam.

>Anyone may participate in an RP. don't exclude someone just because they're new.

>Try to be as realistic as possible. Don't randomly pop up in some place that you weren't in before. Also, you shouldn't be able to know someone's name before you meet them, unless you can read minds....also, if someone posted before you, and it doesn't go with what you posted, please edit your post.

>Keep it PG-13 anything above that level and you will go boom into ban-land.

and uh, that's about it Very Happy
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