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Post  Zoey Smith on Sat Aug 09, 2008 3:02 pm

Yep, here they are, the rules. Read em' all.

Ok, if your here, it's probably because you heard about this from the MCCP forums. So, you should know the rules by now, but lets review them anyway, shall we?

> Follow the rules. Obvious enough. If you don't, you can be punished. Same goes for moderators. Just because you have the power doesn't mean you should let it go to your head.

>No Spam. Or else. If you're caught spamming, you die Twisted Evil SPAM stands for: Stupid Pointless Annoying Message. That should be plenty enough of a description for you.

> Don't swear. Don't swear. At all please.

> Don't double post. We're not going to be so scrict about this, but you do have the ability to edit your posts, so use that instead. No more than two posts. Any more and...well, you know.

> No adult material If you have to, keep it PG-13 please. Oh yeah, and no posting porn either, cuz that's just gross >.< and then we will all hate you and you'll have to go to ban-land.

> Do not Advertise. your site is okay, but just don't make a whole thread/post on it.

> Don't be rude to other members/staff. It's okay in RPs,but don't go overboard.

> Don't bump old threads. Unless you made it. If it's an RP, and it's a month old, don't bump it, it's probably dead by now.

> Don't whine and complain. it's annoying. Just don't.

yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah, you know the drill. Well, I hope you read all of that, or else I'll go bonkers on you affraid .

OTHER: Make sure you fill out your RP character profile. Which can be found in the "Introduce yourself" section.

Don't make new threads in the Posting Games. unless you are a mod or myself. I don't want a bunch of multiple threads floating around there.

now go have fun Very Happy
If you have any questions about the forum in general, post in here.
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